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Drug Recovery Steps

drug recovery treatment steps

The drug recovery steps you take will lead you down the path of recovery.

When you are ready to deal with your addiction, there are some drug recovery steps that can help you on your path to sobriety. Knowing what to expect in advance can give you confidence, and encourage you to move toward success.

The Steps of Drug Recovery Provide Strength and Hope

An actively-using addict may be surprised to hear he will benefit from acknowledging he has a problem. However, admitting your dependency on drugs is a very freeing experience. When you acknowledge your addiction is beyond your control, and follow it by reaching out to your Higher Power, it is a great relief. You know you no longer need to rely on your own abilities, as you can trust your Higher Power to care for you. You cannot control your addiction, you believe your Higher Power will help you, and you make the decision to ask him to do it. These are the first three steps of drug recovery.

The Steps of Drug Recovery Will Put Your Life in Addiction Behind You

Many people who are new to recovery are fearful of doing a fourth step. When you know how greatly it will benefit you, you will be eager to do it. Step four consists of thoroughly examining the life you have led in addiction. Your fifth step will be to share it with a trustworthy person.

When you are able to clearly see your shortcomings, steps six and seven are designed to begin freeing you from them. The character defects that overwhelmed you during your active addiction will stop controlling your thoughts and behavior. In your eighth and ninth steps, you note how others have been harmed by your addiction, and you take positive action to make amends for your actions. Hurt feelings can be mended, and broken relationships can be repaired.

Guarding Your Sobriety Requires Consistency With Your Drug Recovery Steps

Sobriety means more than not relapsing. As drug recovery steps help you move toward a better life, you must keep your life on the right track. Your tenth step is often referred to as daily maintenance. As no one is perfect, you need to be willing to own up to mistakes when they occur. The eleventh step will help you keep the right perspective. Your Higher Power is there for you, every day, so you no longer need to rely on yourself. Instead of guessing or worrying about what to do and what you should not do, you will have the answers.

Drug Recovery Steps Mean Sobriety is a Shared Experience

The spiritual awakening you experience from these steps result in something very important to share with others. Step twelve asks you to share your strength, hope, and experience with addicts who are still suffering. You will feel good about yourself when each opportunity arises to help someone else. Step twelve is why addicts who have recovered from their own addictions continue to attend meetings and do various types of service work. Your success in recovery will give hope and direction to those who have not yet found the way.