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Drug Recovery Programs

Drug Recovery Treatment Programs

Drug recovery programs are there to give you the guidance you need. 

A range of drug recovery programs provide various types of treatment for individuals who suffer from addiction. The most common types of drug recovery programs include 12 step addiction treatment programs, Christian drug recovery programs, free drug recovery program, holistic drug recovery programs and inpatient drug recovery programs. Each provides a different type of treatment or level of support during the drug addiction treatment and drug recovery process.


12 Step Addiction Recovery Programs

The 12 step program was originally defined by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939 as a way for recovering from alcoholism but the program has now been modified to provide a treatment protocol for various types of drug addiction. The most common 12 step addiction recovery programs include Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) but there are others such as Cocaine Anonymous and Meth Anonymous. These programs are largely faith based and are guided on 12 principles of recovery which include accepting that one has a problem and needs to make changes.

Christian Drug Recovery Programs

Christian drug recovery programs provide a faith based approach to the treatment of addiction. These programs are highly structured around Christianity and are deeply rooted in the principles of the Bible. For Christians, Christian drug recovery programs offer the benefit of providing faith based care helping these individuals to remain in touch with their spirituality despite addiction.

Free Drug Recovery Programs

Free drug recovery programs provide an affordable solution to addiction treatment. Although there aren’t always very many free drug recovery programs there are options such as online drug recovery programs and programs such as AA or NA which do not require a fee. Free drug recovery programs offer individuals who do not have the ability to pay for drug treatment with an option to still get the help that they need to overcome addiction.

Holistic Addiction Recovery

Holistic addiction recovery programs provide a whole body, rounded approach to addiction treatment. These programs view the addict and their addiction as a disease that affects every aspect of the individual including their mental health, emotions, physical health and spiritual health. Holistic addiction recovery programs heal the mind, body and spirit of the individual providing services such as Yoga, meditation, massage, medication and spiritual guidance.

Inpatient Drug Recovery Programs

Inpatient drug recovery programs provide around the clock monitoring and medical supervision for individuals in a residential treatment center where addicts live during the treatment program. Drug recovery can be a dangerous event, especially during the first few days or weeks when drug detox occurs but with the help and monitoring of an inpatient drug recovery program individuals can expect to recover from addiction safely. Inpatient drug recovery programs provide various services including counseling, therapy, and medical monitoring that assures every patient has a safe, clean and effective environment in which they can get the help that they need to full recover from addiction.