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Types of Drug Recovery

types of drug recovery

Do you know what type of drug recovery option is right for you?

Various types of drug recovery programs exist that provide a range of addiction treatment services. The different types of drug recovery are specially designed to help individuals who suffer from all sorts of drug addiction including methamphetamine addiction, opiate addiction, prescription medication addictions and various other substances. Here you will find information about the various types of drug recovery.


Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programs

Alcohol addiction recovery programs range from group meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to inpatient treatment programs. Many alcohol addiction recovery programs provide alcohol detox services, medication and a range of counseling to help individuals completely overcome the burdens and physical strongholds of alcoholism. Alcohol addiction recovery programs have helped thousands of people to learn how to effectively deal with alcoholism and overcome this terrible addiction.

Meth Addiction Recovery Programs

An addiction to meth can be not only dangerous, the result of this addiction when it is left untreated can be deadly. Meth addiction recovery programs provide counseling, therapeutic treatments and various levels of support for those who are addicted to methamphetamine to heal and recover from this devastating condition. Meth addiction recovery programs can help with meth detox, mental illness that is associated with methamphetamine addiction and various other aspects of meth addiction.

Opiate Addiction Recovery Programs

Opiate addiction may take many forms including an addiction to heroin or an addiction to any one of many prescription medications. Opiate addiction recovery programs are heavily rooted on helping an addict to overcome the physical dependence that they have on opiates. During opiate addiction treatment, opiate detox can be very dangerous and painful but with the help of opiate addiction recovery programs and the specialized staff members and medical workers who help people in these programs an addiction to opiates can be fully overcome.

Vicodin Addiction Recovery Programs

Vicodin is one of many prescription medications that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of pain. Unfortunately, many people find that Vicodin is a very addicting painkiller that is difficult to stop taking. Vicodin addiction comes with many physical withdrawal symptoms which occur when an individual abruptly stops taking the medication. Vicodin addiction recovery programs help individuals who are addicted to Vicodin to overcome physical and psychological dependence on this drug and regain control of their lives.