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Meth Addiction Recovery

meth addiction recovery

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There are special factors involved in meth addiction recovery generally not seen in recovery from other kinds of drugs. These factors are why inpatient meth addiction recovery treatment is likely to be in your best interest. While addiction to meth can be a very difficult experience, it is possible for you to beat your addiction.

Meth Addiction Recovery Requires Professional Care

First, detoxification from meth takes longer than many other drugs. Meth can stay in your body for nearly two months after you have stopped using it. During this period of time you may be tempted to relapse, if you are not in a safe environment with professional care.

Second, professional care is helpful when you are experiencing meth withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can be intense and severe. The earliest stages of meth withdrawal can range from insomnia or an increased need for sleep, nightmares, uncontrollable appetite, depression and mood swings, thoughts of suicide, and cravings for more meth. Withdrawal symptoms can continue long after early withdrawal is over. Protecting your health, your mental state, and avoiding relapse, make professional assistance necessary.

Avoiding Unnecessary Complications in Meth Addiction Recovery

When an addict stops using drugs, his mental and emotional states do not automatically return to normal. It is even more extreme when the drug you have been using is meth. Severe depression, aggression, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts, are common amongst addicts who have stopped using meth.

While your health and safety are good enough reasons to choose an inpatient meth addiction treatment program, there is another important reason why this is your best option. The extreme withdrawal symptoms common in meth addiction are often associated with a variety of mental illnesses. The fact is many individuals are misdiagnosed because of this factor. Addicts are deemed schizophrenic, or suffering from various other mental disorders, when their only problem is drug addiction. Even physicians who are unaware of how addiction manifests itself in mental disturbances often make this mistake. This is why inpatient meth addiction recovery treatment is the best course of action for you. The professionals are knowledgeable about meth addiction, and know how to help you deal with it appropriately.

Ongoing Meth Addiction Recovery Means Making Good Choices

After you have completed your treatment program, the battle against meth is not over. You must decide to stay clean each day. If cravings occur, reaching out for help immediately can prevent a relapse.

Many recovering meth addicts have found peer support to be very beneficial. Knowing you are on the right path is easier when you have others in your life who beat their addiction. A sponsor who has a long history of successful sobriety is one option. Sharing your experience, and listening to the experiences of others, can be accomplished at 12 step meetings.

The road to full recovery is not easy. Making good choices every day will lead you closer to success. Meth addiction recovery is not only possible, it is available to you. Giving up meth is your first decision, and your first step in moving forward with your life.