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Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Alcohol Addiction Recovery Treatment

You do have a choice when it comes to your alcohol addiction recovery treatment.


12 Step Recovery Programs

12 step recovery programs help individuals who are addicted to alcohol by providing them with 12 guided steps that bring them from full blown addict to fully recovering. These programs are faith based and accept that a higher power is responsible for addiction and the resulting recovery that occurs when patients take part in the 12 step recovery program. The most common 12 step program for the treatment of alcoholism is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous was developed in 1939 and is the foundation for all 12 step recovery programs that exist today. This type of alcohol recovery program can be found being practiced in many inpatient treatment centers, outpatient centers and Alcoholics Anonymous groups across the country. Individuals who receive treatment in a 12 step alcohol recovery program can expect to call themselves “in recovery” for the rest of their lives and are always considered an addict.

Inpatient Alcohol Recovery Programs

Inpatient alcohol recovery programs offer the safest and most intense type of treatment for alcohol addiction recovery. These programs are provided at residential treatment centers and offer the addict a place to live during the treatment process where alcohol and other drugs are strictly prohibited. Inpatient alcohol recovery programs can greatly reduce the chance of a relapse during treatment because the patient is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the program.

Outpatient Alcohol Recovery Programs

A little bit different than an inpatient program, outpatient alcohol recovery programs provide limited monitoring and support for alcohol addiction treatment. These programs offer counseling, therapy, medication administration and various other services to patients during the day and early evening hours but at the end of the day the patient returns home to continue their addiction recovery on their own. Outpatient alcohol recovery programs are most suitable for those with a less complicated addiction or whose addictions are less severe.

Holistic Alcohol Recovery Programs

Holistic alcohol recovery programs are a relatively new form of alcohol treatment but they have quickly become very popular because they are proven effective. These alcohol recovery programs provide some tried and true treatment classics such as counseling and therapy but they also provide a range of services that are aimed at healing the individuals mind, body and spirit. Recognizing that addiction to alcohol affects the individual on a spiritual, emotional and physical level, holistic alcohol recovery programs focus on healing all aspects of the individual for a full, whole body and person recovery.