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About Drug Recovery

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Drug recovery can help you overcome your addiction and avoid future relapse. 

The more you know about drug recovery, the more likely you will be to get on the right path and achieve long term sobriety. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions that can result in unnecessary fears, cause an addict to avoid seeking help, and even lead to relapse. You have come to the right place for drug recovery information that is based on facts. The pages you will read here will help you make the decision about the program that is best for you.


What You Need to Know About Drug Recovery

One common misconception is “once an addict, always an addict.” The fact is addicts do recover. If you are willing to do what is necessary during your drug recovery process, the results will be a sober life. While you do need to be conscientious about keeping substances out of your life, you will no longer be driven by addiction.

A second misconception is the focus on your “drug of choice.” Even if you have preferred one particular drug, recovery requires abstaining from all substances that can alter your mind or your mood. You cannot substitute one drug for another if you are serious about drug recovery. This means not using marijuana, alcohol, or abusing prescription medications.

Drug Recovery Info About 12 Step Programs

Experiences with 12 step programs range from those who become winners to those who do not fare as well. While being willing to work the steps is essential for success, knowing the scope of 12 step programs is equally essential. First, the entire scope of a program is sharing strength, hope, and experience. This covers oldtimers, newcomers, sponsors, and general members alike. The literature is clear that no one has any professional authority, and the sole role of a sponsor is to guide a sponsee through the twelve steps.

12 step programs emphasize the principle of men helping men, and women helping women. The purpose of this is to discourage inappropriate relationships, to discourage dependency, and to allow healthy sharing between sponsors and sponsees.

Treatment Programs Provide Professional Assistance

There are various reasons why an addict who is new to recovery may wish to consider a treatment program. A safe environment during early recovery, a positive atmosphere when going through detoxification, and emotional support by those who are qualified to provide it, are amongst the most common reasons.

If outpatient or inpatient treatment meets your needs, you will read about different kinds of treatment programs on these pages. You will also learn how to get help if you cannot afford a private rehabilitation center.

Drug Recovery Steps Take You from Hopeless to Successful

While a person may become addicted to a drug very quickly or after time, a life focused on drug addiction can take longer to develop. Eventually, it affects every area of your life. The point to keep in mind is every addict who truly wants to recover deserves the chance to do, and effort on your part can make it happen.

Whether you have been using drugs or alcohol for many years, or have recently started and want to quit, help is available. Begin by reading the pages on this site. Next, make the decision that today is the day to start a new way of life.