Drug Recovery

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Drug Recovery Process

Drug Recovery

The drug recovery process will help you turn your life around!

The instant gratification an addict learns during the time he uses drugs is not a part of the drug recovery process. There are many things to do, and many things to learn. There are reasons to look at this as being very positive. First, addiction has controlled, harmed, and affected your life. When you begin the process of drug recovery, you will see it does not have to be that way anymore. You will be able to have a happy, healthy, good life again. Second, you can take a cue from the wonderful literature provided by 12 step programs. It tells you addicts do recover. When you allow this new sense of hope to be a driving force in your recovery, you will see results.

The First Part of the Drug Recovery Process is Choosing a Drug-Free Life

You must make the decision to become drug-free, and be ready to take action. As it is necessary to free your body from these harmful substances, you may decide to do this at an inpatient treatment center. Rehabilitation centers provide a safe environment for detoxification. They have caring professionals to help you through this stage.

A second option is to join a 12 step group. Attending meetings and having your own personal sponsor can provide the peer support you need when you first give up drugs. Your sponsor and other members will share their own experiences about how they became sober.

The Second Part of Beginning Life in Sobriety Emphasizes Change

Some addicts make the mistake of believing all they need to do is stop using drugs or alcohol. True sobriety requires change. Everything about yourself and your life has been affected by drug addiction. Change means being willing to learn new ways, and to put those new ways into action.

How you think, feel, believe, and relate to people around you, all need to be transformed from negative to positive. When using drugs or drinking, you may have become too familiar with seeing the worst in everything and everyone, and reacting accordingly. You may have become overly timid or depressed, or aggressive. It will take effort on your part to change, but it will be well worth the effort.

The Process of Drug Recovery Requires Commitment to Sobriety

Making a commitment to stay clean and sober will make life a new adventure. Instead of dwelling on your drug addiction, you will appreciate the hope and joy of each new day. You can gladly face the challenges of everyday life without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Relying on your Higher Power will become second-nature, and you will start to appreciate the person you have become.

Sobriety helps you develop a sense of gratitude. From your Higher Power to everyone who has helped you throughout your drug recovery process, being grateful may be a new experience for you. It is one you will experience regularly when you have made a commitment to sobriety. Life is never perfect, but each day in sobriety is a great beginning for the rest of your life.