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Drug Recovery Statistics

drug recovery

These drug recovery statistics can let you know drug addiction is a serious problem. 

When you read drug recovery statistics, it can be quite frightening. It sounds so grim that you may wonder if you have any chance of recovering from drug addiction at all. You do not need to be defeated before you begin. After you take the statistics into consideration, you will learn how you can increase your own chance of a full recovery.

What Addiction Recovery Statistics Can Tell You

Statistics can provide information about what is average. They can also let you know which people have a better chance than others. Even more important, you can learn why some people have a better chance of full recovery.

Current statistics show between fifty and ninety percent of recovering addicts relapse at some point after they stop using drugs. Other studies show only five percent of recovering addicts are able to stay clean and sober for the rest of their lives. Statistics also show men relapse more often than women.

However, there are other statistics that make addiction recovery look much more promising. One covers 12 step programs and aftercare treatment. Addicts who have successfully completed a treatment program, participate in a 12 step program regularly, and seek aftercare when needed, significantly increase their odds. Approximately ninety percent of addicts in this category remain clean and sober.

What Drug Recovery Statistics Cannot Tell You

Statistics can be scary, regardless of the topic. You can read numbers, and give up hope. While statistics can let you know what is average and current, they cannot tell you anything about yourself as an individual. Every group or category consists of individual human beings. It is for this reason addiction recovery statistics are not nearly as relevant as you as an individual.

As you can see, getting the right kind of help will increase your chances. Professional care and peer support are valuable aspects of recovery. You also need plenty of self-motivation to become one of the winners.

Drug addiction takes a serious toll on every part of an addict’s life. From thoughts and feelings to relationships, successful recovery requires profound change. Reaching out for help and accepting help when it is offered to you is only the beginning. Meeting the demands of everyday life without picking up a drug or taking a drink is something you must learn to do. Taking full responsibility for your own actions, behavior, and consequences, will be another learning experience.

While drug recovery statistics can present the odds of success, it is up to you to increase your own chances. Never believe you are defeated, and never give up hope. Willingness and determination to succeed will do much more than increase your motivation. Developing these characteristics early in your recovery process will keep you on the right track. Regardless of what the statistics say, you as an individual have the ability to beat your addiction and come out on top. The amazing journey to the rest of your life all begins by taking the first step. You can be one of the winners.