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Christian Drug Recovery Programs

christian drug recovery

Christian drug recovery programs use your faith to help you throughout the recovery process.

If you are a Christian, you may have found struggling with drug addiction to be especially difficult. When drugs or alcohol began to take over your life, your entire life changed. Your attitudes and behavior stopped reflecting your Christian beliefs and values. There are Christian drug recovery programs designed with this in mind. One of these programs can help you put your addiction in the past, while reinforcing a solid Christian way of life.


Christian Drug Recovery Programs Bring Recovery and Values Together

Many Christian drug recovery programs include the 12 steps. As you may know, some of the steps make reference to one’s Higher Power. This is so addicts who do not have specific beliefs can have an equal chance at recovery. The Christian drug addict needs a different perspective. You already know Jesus Christ is your Higher Power. Even if you have experienced doubts during the years you were drinking or using drugs, relying on Jesus Christ is the right way for you.

Christian drug recovery programs focus on Biblical principles. Before you began using drugs or drinking, you knew God’s direction about right and wrong, how to treat other people, basic ethics, and how to incorporate all of these principles in your everyday life. You knew how to be grateful, how to turn to the Lord in times of difficulty, and how to worship. Christian drug recovery will help you regain all of this, and make it a part of your life again.

Why a Christian Drug Recovery Program is the Best Option for You

God wants every human being to be whole, healthy, and happy. He knows people often make mistakes, and deserve a second chance. This includes Christian addicts like you. God wants you to remember when your faith was strong, when your beliefs were an integral part of your life, and for you to be that way again. Your program will help you understand God’s plan for your life.

It is Never Too Late to Start Christian Drug Recovery

If you are like most addicts, addiction has taken quite a toll on your life. You may be ashamed of things you have done, or how you treated your family and friends. You may even be ashamed of the fact that you began using drugs or alcohol in the first place. Shame and fear may be preventing you from reaching out for help.

No matter how far you have fallen, your Higher Power Jesus Christ still loves you and cares for you. If you are ready to put addiction behind you, now is the time to ask Him back into your life. Christian drug recovery programs give you the chance you need. The counselors and ministers will help you reinforce your faith, begin a new relationship with Jesus Christ, and put your drug addiction behind you. You can be the person God intended you to be with a faith-based recovery program. A Christian way of life can be yours again, without drugs or alcohol. Today can be the day you take that first step.