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Holistic Addiction Recovery

holistic Recovery

Holistic addiction recovery helps you recover by using your mind, body and spirit. 

Holistic addiction recovery is based on the principle that there is much more to a person than his body or his problem. It emphasizes healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Recovering from addiction is made possible by attaining overall wellness.

Why Holistic Treatment is Important

Drug use has many negative effects on your body. Depending on the drugs you have used and how long you have been using them, these effects can range from weight gain or loss, digestive problems, heart problems, and many more. Drug use has the power to damage every system in your body.

Using drugs also affects a person’s mind. Depression, irrational thoughts, and aggression are some of the mental health symptoms commonly associated with drug dependency.

Spiritually, an addict is not the way he was before he began using drugs. Addicts often find they no longer like themselves, have stopped trusting other people, and have a negative view of the world in general.

If you simply quit using alcohol or drugs, it will not solve any of these problems. You need further help to regain your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Holistic addiction recovery will address all of these issues simultaneously. You can have good health, and a good life.

How Holistic Recovery Works

Many holistic treatment centers design individual treatment plans to meet each person’s specific needs. One aspect is teaching how to live a balanced life. As an addict’s life generally consists of ups, downs, and extremes, this new way of life is essential for sobriety. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is often a part of holistic recovery. REBT is based on the correlation between negative patterns in thoughts and feelings, and the behaviors which result from these patterns. You will learn how to replace your negative patterns with a healthier way of thinking and feeling. When you learn that you have the ability to control and change your patterns, your entire perspective will change for the better.

Reality therapy can also help you achieve balance. In active addiction, basic survival is the predominant instinct. While survival instincts are a necessary part of living, reality therapy will help you identify and meet your other needs as well. The need for enjoyment in life, a sense of belonging, and a sense of power and control in your own life, are as important as basic survival. They are the difference between merely surviving and truly living.

Holistic addiction recovery programs are purposeful, yet enjoyable. Everything you will encounter in your recovery plan is designed to make you the whole, healthy human being you were meant to be. In a safe environment with caring staff, you may find physical activities such as swimming or horseback riding, expressing yourself through art or another creative activity, and learning how to appreciate nutritious foods. You will learn to appreciate your body, yourself as a person, and the needs and feelings of others.

Holistic Recovery Does Not End When You Leave the Center

Everything you learn and accomplish in your holistic addiction recovery program will stay with you for life. You will love yourself again, and the world in which you live.