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Free Drug Recovery Programs

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Free drug recovery programs offer you treatment without the heafty price tag.

Many people who are struggling with drug addiction also have financial problems. You may be unemployed, or you may have a job with a low salary. Whatever your particular situation may be, you cannot afford an expensive, private treatment center. This does not mean you must attempt recovery alone, or give up on recovery altogether. There are free drug recovery programs available. One of these programs will be the ideal source of help for you.

There is a Free Drug Recovery Program for You

12 step programs are amongst the most popular free programs. Whether you live in a large city, small town, or rural area, there is likely to be at least one organized meeting near you. There are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous solely for men, solely for women, and mixed groups. While 12 step meetings end with a request for a small donation, no one is made to feel embarrassed if he cannot contribute. Even if you attend a meeting every day, there are no fees or dues.

States and counties often sponsor free recovery programs. Whether you need immediate detoxification, drug or alcohol counseling, or inpatient treatment, there should be a center or clinic near your home. Your local Department of Social Services or your family physician can help you get assistance from the program best-suited to your needs.

Faith-based groups are willing and able to help people with drug or alcohol problems. The Salvation Army is one group in this category. While the forms of assistance vary from city to city, it can range from spiritual counseling to meetings to a temporary place to live while you are beginning your recovery. The Salvation Army often assists addicts and alcoholics in finding jobs. Although they are a Christian organization, they do not discriminate against people who are not Christian.

If your religion is a basic part of your life and identity, there are free recovery programs designed especially for Christians, and those for Jewish people. Your minister, priest, or rabbi can direct you to the program that is right for you.

Low Income or No Income, You Can Take the First Step Toward Recovery

It may be fashionable for people to go to exclusive rehabilitation centers, but this is not reality for most people. Whether you are trying to make ends meet or have reached a financial rock bottom, you do not need to give up hope. Every person who sincerely wants to recover deserves a chance. All of these groups are dedicated to ensuring you, and others like you, have that chance.

The sooner you begin your recovery program, the sooner you will see results. When you start working on putting your addiction behind you, the rest of your life will be ahead. Service to others has long been the goal of all of these groups. After you have made progress, and you see how wonderful a life of sobriety can be, it will be your goal, too. It all starts by reaching out to a free drug recovery program.